Yin Yoga Training

Yin Yoga Lead Trainer

Aurora Rm

As yoga entered in Aurora's life, she started to deepen her connection to herself by spending more time alone, surrounded by natural elements, as water near ocean or trees in mountains. The wildness and quietness of nature has a lot to teach us. Besides a dynamic practice, she quieckly felt the need to balance it by learning how to let go, physically but also mentally through her mat. To create a space for people to reconnect to themselves is essential nowadays. As our lifestyle brings a lot of movements in our daily life, it's necessary to be able to come back to stillness. To become the observer of what's going on inside. By making a pause from the outside world and tuning in, we can finally witness our thoughts, emotions and sensations. Surrender and trust. Through a practice of softness and anchoring, Aurora will invite you to live the life that is happening here and now, with consciousness and no judgment.

Animal Flow & Anatomy

Carlos Adams

Carlos Adams has a style of teaching that is relaxed yet energetic and focussed on self awareness and self exploration. Naturally curious and intrigued by the mind body connection Carlos spent the last years exploring various techniques and playful activities that deepen the symbiosis between mind and body. At a young age Carlos got acquainted with his body spending hours in the gym focussing on the individual muscle movements, it was so fascinating to feel the body and it quickly became a meditative practice. It is this connection that Inspired Carlos to study the human form through physical practices like chi gong, yoga, animal flow, dance and studying psychology and philosophy in university. In asana practice Carlos discovered for the first time the holistic and harmonious nature of our being, that the body and mind as a whole are engaged in yoga. Carlos sees that we are always both teachers and students and thus self exploration is a central theme in his classes. Through exploring ourself we may become our own teachers, Carlos has found for himself that we are always our own teacher first and facilitating this connection to ourselves is what Carlos aims to achieve through his teaching. Starting this dialogue with ourselves is a great catalyst for becoming more comfortable with ourselves, more whole and more fully expressed in what we do.

Yoga & Meditation Trainer

Manjeet Mathur

Having taught in 60+ yoga trainings and with 500+ hours of teaching experience, Manjeet is yoga alliance ERYT 500 certified yoga teacher. Manjeet bridges the gap between eastern philosophy and western Intellectual self development tools. He believes in empowering people with yoga and meditation practices which create deep self transformation and also ability to hold space for others professionally. He is as comfortable discussing Veda and yoga topics as he is guiding heart meditations and combining dance and yoga sequences.   Being Human and embracing both Life and the Space beyond are his top priorities.